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June 2012

Work on the Outer Harbor Terminal Locomotive Continues

Placement of the Cab on the Locomotive


A major milestone was achieved when the new cab was assembled in-place on the Outer Harbor Terminal 0-6-0. Members Rick Brown, Paul Guercio, and John Shatsnider used the gantry crane to lift each section of the new cab into place on the locomotive and assembled them together. Each section was previously assembled on the ground as a sub-assembly and painted with an epoxy sealer for waterproofing, and a polyurethane clear-coat for UV protection. Final painting will be done when the new cab is completed. In the near term, the plan is to leave the cab in its natural color so visitors can enjoy the beauty of the fine quality wood procured for this project.



The 0-6-0’s Cab assembly was completed in several steps, shown above. Each wooden piece was moved by gantry crane and held by rope & chain while our craftsmen carefully bolted each in its correct alignment and position. Shown above in the middle of all the action are our members Rick Brown and Paul Guercio.

Much additional work remains to be completed before this locomotive is back in good cosmetic condition. A new roof, windows, and other trim work need to be added to the cab, and a number of other attachments re-assembled. Painting needs to be completed on the locomotive, and the piping re-applied. Work will follow on its tender.


January 2012

Construction of the Outer Harbor Terminal Locomotive’s Cab

Volunteers working on the No. 2 Outer Harbor Locomotive continue to make good progress on the restoration of this showcase exhibit. The latest part of the restoration to be close to completion is the rebuild of the engine’s cab. Pictured below are some of the volunteers putting the pieces of the cab together before final construction, so it can be determined if they all fit together properly. Look’n Good!

Volunteers Paul Guercio, Jesse Tomory, and Frank McCaffer
fit a side panel of the Outer Harbor cab in place.
Volunteers (L to R, back) John Mastrobuoni, Rick Brown, Frank McCaffer
and (L to R, front) John Shatsnider, Paul Guercio, Shelley Hunter pose
for a picture inside the Outer Harbors new cab.

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