Union Pacific SD40-2C No. 3105

A Brief History Of This Engine

Union Pacific Number 3105 is a model SD40-2C locomotive. The SD40-2 model and its variations were one of the best-selling locomotives manufactured by General Motors, Electro-Motive Division (EMD) at nearly 4,000 units. Because of their reliability, the SD40-2 has been the standard in the freight railroad industry for several decades. Built between 1972 and 1989, SD40-2 locomotives were acquired by 32 railroads in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Africa.

Union Pacific donated No. 3105 to The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, Southern California Chapter in July 2013, when our organization returned UP 4014 Big Boy steam locomotive to Union Pacific's heritage steam locomotive fleet.

In the fall of 2013, No. 3105 was shopped, cleaned, painted, and inspected in Union Pacific's North Little Rock, Arkansas facility to prepare for arrival at RailGiants. From Arkansas, it was brought to Southern California (via Dallas and El Paso) on several regular freight trains to U.P.'s West Colton, California facility on December 20, 2013, where it received its last 90-day inspection.

No. 3105 arrived at the Fairgrounds on January 26, 2014, along with an insulated boxcar and (former Rock Island Railroad) UPP Number 24567 bay window caboose for the RailGiants' collection.

Union Pacific locomotive No. 3105 arrived at RailGiants Train Museum at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, Pomona, California, under its own diesel power during ceremonies on February 22, 2014. Number 3105 is still fully operational and is the only SD40-2C locomotive currently on display in any railroad museum. RailGiants' staff operates the locomotive's engine regularly to educate museum visitors about diesel locomotive operations, and to maintain its operational condition.

UP No. 3105 started out as one of 74 SD40-2C locomotives produced for Missouri Pacific Railroad in June 1979. The 'C' designation represents an upgrade designation in the production which included the addition of dynamic brakes and heavier ballasting which gave the locomotives better handling characteristics. This was required for pooling service on Burlington Northern coal trains through the Rocky Mountains. Its original number was MP 6027.

During the 1980's, Missouri Pacific was acquired by Union Pacific. The MP locomotives were repainted in UP's design and colors. MP 6027 was changed to UP 3927 on January 31, 1987. In January 2003, UP renumbered 50 of its locomotives and UP 3927 then changed to UP 3105. This took place at the Alton Southern Railroad yard in East St. Louis. During its working period, this locomotive clocked more than 2,400,000 miles of service.

Its Stages of Evolution

At its sunset under the Missouri Pacific brand on July 21, 1986, in Seattle, Washington

Photo by Brian Ambrose – use with permission.
Freshly rebranded with Union Pacific livery. A few weeks after receiving its new identity - February 23, 1987, in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Photo by Jerry Bosanek – use with permission.
As it concludes its final freight service, U.P. #3105 is the last of four locomotives. December 20, 2013, at El Casco in San Timoteo Canyon in California, within an hour of West Colton yard

Photo by Gary Kluge – use with permission.


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